Jonathan Davies

Product Engineer & Founder

I'm a Director of a Digital Product Consultancy focused on helping companies tackle the challenges that come with growth.

I’ve developed a holistic skillset around product development: from using Product Design Sprints to rapidly solve problems and test ideas to building apps with tools like Vue, React Native and Ruby on Rails.

Here are some things I like to spend time thinking and talking about:

  • Empowering teams to independently understand problems and ship solutions
  • Atomic CSS approaches like Tailwind
  • Formula 1 – the sport and the business
  • Startup and Scale-Up business strategy and tactics
  • Balancing delegation, dependency, and developer experience when evaluating tools and technology
  • Coffee
  • Gradients
  • History

I'm building this site to act as a repository for my bookmarks and evolving thoughts about product and business strategy.

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